Krystal Gignac is a well-known yoga teacher and entrepreneur who has made a big impact in Northern Ontario, Canada. She started a successful yoga school where she has trained hundreds of yoga teachers. She plans on continuing the tradition here in central Florida

Krystal began her yoga journey seeking knowledge and spiritual growth. She spent a lot of time learning in India, the birthplace of yoga, from respected teachers and scholars. This helped her deeply understand both the physical and philosophical sides of yoga.

Krystal loves adventure and wanted to share yoga in a unique way. That’s why she founded Adventure India. This special program combines yoga with outdoor activities in beautiful Indian settings. It’s a chance for people to enjoy yoga while exploring stunning landscapes.

Krystal’s passion for teaching yoga, along with her business skills and commitment to personal growth, has made her highly respected in the global yoga community. Whether she’s training new yoga teachers or leading exciting adventures through Adventure India, Krystal Gignac continues to inspire others to discover their true potential through yoga and exploration

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